Rustic Vibes in a New Home


Hey Guys!

So excited to share this project we worked on awhile back, It was such an awesome experience for us! This sweet little fam recently moved into a beautiful newly built home. They just needed a little inspiration for reworking what they brought from their previous home. This is such a common dilemma we hear. How do we work what we already have and love into our new space?

We started with the living room, as you can see in these before pictures, they already had some very cool decor pieces, So we didn’t need to add much in the way of decor, We re-worked and re-staged what they already had and just added a few key decor pieces.




They knew they wanted to keep things rustic so we added organic elements like the greenery, raw wood, and metal. This chic faux cowhide rug gives us some natural inspired texture. We kept it light and bright with the striped linen curtains, and added just a few new pillows to contrast the dark couches!

IMG_2993 (1).jpg

We moved this console table from the hallway to create a spot for this metal and wood bench, to work the space as an entry.The little black console table ended up fitting perfectly in the corner of the living room!

We’re SO happy with how this little entry area turned out. Such a fun welcoming space with the rustic shelf, geometric rug, floppy basket and boxwood wreath. We can’t get enough of these fiddle figs!! The plant trend is here to stay and I’m not mad about it.


Here’s the initial design concepts…


As always our goal is for YOU to love your home! And to add decor and pieces that give you the vibe you want, and inspire you everyday!

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