Multi Functional Room in Shades of Blue


This space was so much fun to create. When we first met with this sweet client, she had just become a proud Grandma to a baby boy. She wanted to have a spot in her spare room to spend time with her new grandson, but she also needed a space to work, AND a place for out of town guests to stay. So this space needed to work hard. We collaborated with our client and came up with a design plan to bring it all these together.



First, let me say, this alcove benefitted this plan so well!! I mean, it was perfect for breaking up this multi-purpose space.

They had already begun the process by painting the walls this lovely shade by Magnolia, called '“Emmie’s Room”. A fun color that really brightens everything up. They also had the gray/blue sofa that transitions into a bed for guests. We ran with the nearly aqua wall color and chose these curtains in an ikat pattern. This is where all the shades of blue came in.

Let’s talk about curtains for a sec. Curtains or textured window treatments will CHANGE your space. If you don’t have them on your windows, RUN and hang some up! Instantly your space will feel more home-y.

Pro-tip: Hang them as close to the ceiling as possible to make your room feel bigger visually (or hire us to do it for you). You’re welcome.


The clients also created this fabulous faux brick wall, which is wallpaper by the way, and we are loving it! Wallpaper is in you guys! In all the patterns and textures you could imagine. It adds character, and it’s a perfect way to display your personality and style in your home.

We often have people ask us how to style large walls above the couch. A photo ledge is the perfect solution. You can keep it simple or have it be a gallery like we did here. We were able to incorporate some of her photos and items she already owned, and added some fun new things.

We have the same ledges in a smaller length in the baby alcove for books. What a sweet, cozy nook to spend some quality Grandma time.


We were also able to add in this soft neutral grey with the comfy rocking chair. Which contrasted so well with the darker couch.

We chose the paint color “Oregon Sky” from our Cottage Co paint collection, to paint the cliants table and rocking chair she already had. We also painted her desk chair in Cottage Co Paint “Noah’s Navy”.

The rug, pillows and other fun accents, like the fiddle fig tree, pulled the whole space together.

We love our clients, it was pleasure working on this project. And a great opportunity for experience, being one of our first jobs. We loved the challenge of making one room a multi-purpose space.

If you feel inspired to update your home decor, shoot us a message! We want to help you out!

Thanks for hanging out friends,