Pantry Makeover


I mean, how cool is this! You guys, organizing my pantry has been life changing!! And those Swiss crosses, SO fun,

You may know me from over @thecronehome. We recently finished up our fixer upper and moved in! And things are slowly coming together. The pantry was one of the things at the top of the to-do list. I knew because of the size, it would become a mess If I didn’t get on top of it. Well, 6 months later, it’s done! And yeah.. it did become a mess before I finally did it.


Yikes. This is embarrassing, but it makes the afters so satisfying!


I started by listing categories. This helped me know about how many bins and baskets to buy. So things like; baking, chips, paper products. I measured everything, and took off to Ikea. They have the best, budget friendly bins and baskets in my opinion. I picked up some turn tables for canned food, and oils and vinegars. And those wire baskets for produce.


I’m still in the process of labeling. We came home from camping a couple weeks ago, and some of things we have right now, aren’t my regular groceries, (anybody else bring alll the junk food camping??) So as those things filter out, I’ll know better what goes in those baskets. I got a dymo embossing label maker on amazon, for $10! I want to label everything!! I think i’ll use it on my Christmas gift tags. Such a fun touch, and this will really help us put things back where they belong, long term!

And check out what I did with it in my spice drawer..




The Swiss crosses! My mom made me the stencil on the circuit, I picked up a stencil brush and some craft paint, and honestly, I winged it from there. I was not going for perfection, It’s just the pantry so we’re the only ones that see it. So I followed a pattern the best I could, and I love how it turned out!! This was really easy, it just takes time. The stenciling took about 3 hours. I’d recommend doing it to anybody. Also, so inexpensive!!


I don’t love to cook, and this has made it much more enjoyable! I don’t mind making our lunches, its easier to make a grocery list. Life changing! Such good timing too, before the holidays where there’s lots of cooking and baking!

I hope this inspires you to tackle the project you’ve been waiting to do! It can be a lot of work but the end results are worth it!

Thanks for reading friends,


Blue and black bonus room


Hey guys!

We have a fun bonus room makeover to share with you! One of our favorite clients needed some updated decor in this space, She had a table in here originally but they didn’t really use it, so we opted to replace it with a bookcase, which adds storage and a really great way to fill a large room like this one.

Her is is before…


She had cool blue rug, so we went with a blue color scheme, and added some touches of green and black. Yes you can mix black and blue!! She mentioned wanting a grid gallery wall, perfect for a large blank wall, you just can’t go wrong with these! It turned out SO good behind the couch.


We get asked all the time how to decorate around the TV. We all have them and use them, but we hate the way they look when we aren’t!! We don’t want that to be the focal point in a family space. So here, we added some coordinating art, and contrasting shapes on either side! It fills this large wall, and takes your attention off the screen!


We love the way these simple changes turned out and we love when we get to use furniture and decor our clients already have!! She had the bones we just brought in some things to really pull it together.

We SO appreciate you guys being here and supporting us in this venture, We’re having the best time meeting you and helping you love your homes,


Living Room Refresh


We did a little living room refresh this week! We used a combination of what our client had, and some new decor to enhance the space, and pull it together. Little changes go a long way!



We decided on a new media cabinet to open and brighten up the space. We surrounded the TV with family photos tucking them just a little behind making TV less of a focal point. This is a super simple and super cute solution to decorate those TV walls!



We use plants and greenery A LOT in our designs. Fake or real, it brings so much life, and a pop of color into your home!! If you’re trying to update a space, I definitely recommend starting with a plant.


A mantle is basically a decorators dream. There is so much potential and so many ways to change it up for the seasons. Our client already had this awesome clock and we just moved some things around to add balance!


This console table lived on another side of the room, we moved it behind the couch, added some tall vases and plants to draw your eye up when you walk into the room! Just moving your furniture around can be a fun refresh and change.

We have more installs coming up, and we’re booking for fall!! You can find more information and reach out to us through our Design Services page!

Stay tuned for more before and afters, till next time,


Master Makeover


Welcome back Friends! We have a master bedroom design project to share with you. This bedroom is very big, sometimes this can be more overwhelming than beneficial. Our client just needed a hand in making it feel cozy, relaxing and pulled together. They already had this awesome upholstered bed, the size is perfect for the space. They had also recently purchased this pretty floral comforter, so we used that as the inspiration! We love to use decor you guys already have!



We start our process with an E-design. This includes making sure all the measurements work, working within a budget, and of course getting an idea of how the space will look.


We ran with the blues in the comforter and started with a rug. We LOVE this rug. If you want to add blue into your home, this is the piece for you. Blue is trending!! A rug is a good place to start in any design, it can be a statement, a spot to add some texture, and really makes a space feel pulled together.



Ok you guys… These euro pillows!! I think I gasped when I saw them. They are literally perfect for the space. They have the perfect shades of blue, to match the floral comforter. And the smaller scale pattern to contrast both the comforter and the rug! So I’m obsessed. Pro-tip, the key to mixing patterns is scale.


On the opposite side of the room we did a couple accent chairs, and the darker bookcase to bring that wood tone from the headboard, to this side of the room. And now they can store and display their collection of books! It turned into a super cool space to relax and read.


We added lots of pops of greenery in the room that makes it really come alive…We love adding greenery, real or faux in pretty much all rooms. The addition of the artwork really brings all the colors together.

IMG_5135 2.JPG

We had fun styling the bookshelf using the clients book(turned around to keep everything neutral and not too busy) and some decorative additions and baskets to store more books.


Our clients are very happy with how this room transformed into the relaxing and cozy space they needed. Which makes what we do, all the more fun! We’ll be doing more decor projects with this client and we can’t wait to get started!

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Thanks for tuning in,


Upstairs Landing Update

We have a little before and after for you guys, because we know you love a good before and after! This is one of those spaces that could easily be wasted, because you just don’t know what to do with it. And that is the perfect situation to ask us for a little help! It’s a small upstairs landing outside of their little boys room. We knew it needed to be kid friendly, but a space that grown-ups could enjoy as well! We ran with the idea of the books staying, and just stepped it up a notch to turn it into in a little office.

We originally thought we would remove the cubical storage, but we love to use what you guys already have!! And we really needed the surface and storage. So all we did here was organize the books by color, to create a cute rainbow! Then added some fun kid-friendly decor on top.


This is a pretty narrow space, but it needed dimension. Photo ledges are perfect for this. They’re good for hallways, small rooms, above a couch. We love them! We had them send us some of their favorite photos, and we printed them in classic black and white, in the correct sizes! Such an easy statement and personal touch.


And then we have this awesome rustic/industrial desk. The dark contrasts so good with the light walls, making it really pop. We added this canvas map, that is education for kids, and just really cool. It’s all details from here. A desk lamp and ALWAYS greenery. Plants and stems add such life into your home. Personally, I’m loving real plants in my home, but they make amazing fake plants now too, and you don’t have to remember to water them ;)


And that’s it! A really quick and simple update that adds so much value to the home.

Your home is so important, it should inspire you, motivate you, and welcome you at the end of the day. If your home doesn’t do this for you, we can help you! We truly care about your home and want to create a space that you love, any style, any budget!

Thanks for reading, friends!


Rustic Vibes in a New Home


Hey Guys!

So excited to share this project we worked on awhile back, It was such an awesome experience for us! This sweet little fam recently moved into a beautiful newly built home. They just needed a little inspiration for reworking what they brought from their previous home. This is such a common dilemma we hear. How do we work what we already have and love into our new space?

We started with the living room, as you can see in these before pictures, they already had some very cool decor pieces, So we didn’t need to add much in the way of decor, We re-worked and re-staged what they already had and just added a few key decor pieces.




They knew they wanted to keep things rustic so we added organic elements like the greenery, raw wood, and metal. This chic faux cowhide rug gives us some natural inspired texture. We kept it light and bright with the striped linen curtains, and added just a few new pillows to contrast the dark couches!

IMG_2993 (1).jpg

We moved this console table from the hallway to create a spot for this metal and wood bench, to work the space as an entry.The little black console table ended up fitting perfectly in the corner of the living room!

We’re SO happy with how this little entry area turned out. Such a fun welcoming space with the rustic shelf, geometric rug, floppy basket and boxwood wreath. We can’t get enough of these fiddle figs!! The plant trend is here to stay and I’m not mad about it.


Here’s the initial design concepts…


As always our goal is for YOU to love your home! And to add decor and pieces that give you the vibe you want, and inspire you everyday!

Thanks for visiting!



Multi Functional Room in Shades of Blue


This space was so much fun to create. When we first met with this sweet client, she had just become a proud Grandma to a baby boy. She wanted to have a spot in her spare room to spend time with her new grandson, but she also needed a space to work, AND a place for out of town guests to stay. So this space needed to work hard. We collaborated with our client and came up with a design plan to bring it all these together.



First, let me say, this alcove benefitted this plan so well!! I mean, it was perfect for breaking up this multi-purpose space.

They had already begun the process by painting the walls this lovely shade by Magnolia, called '“Emmie’s Room”. A fun color that really brightens everything up. They also had the gray/blue sofa that transitions into a bed for guests. We ran with the nearly aqua wall color and chose these curtains in an ikat pattern. This is where all the shades of blue came in.

Let’s talk about curtains for a sec. Curtains or textured window treatments will CHANGE your space. If you don’t have them on your windows, RUN and hang some up! Instantly your space will feel more home-y.

Pro-tip: Hang them as close to the ceiling as possible to make your room feel bigger visually (or hire us to do it for you). You’re welcome.


The clients also created this fabulous faux brick wall, which is wallpaper by the way, and we are loving it! Wallpaper is in you guys! In all the patterns and textures you could imagine. It adds character, and it’s a perfect way to display your personality and style in your home.

We often have people ask us how to style large walls above the couch. A photo ledge is the perfect solution. You can keep it simple or have it be a gallery like we did here. We were able to incorporate some of her photos and items she already owned, and added some fun new things.

We have the same ledges in a smaller length in the baby alcove for books. What a sweet, cozy nook to spend some quality Grandma time.


We were also able to add in this soft neutral grey with the comfy rocking chair. Which contrasted so well with the darker couch.

We chose the paint color “Oregon Sky” from our Cottage Co paint collection, to paint the cliants table and rocking chair she already had. We also painted her desk chair in Cottage Co Paint “Noah’s Navy”.

The rug, pillows and other fun accents, like the fiddle fig tree, pulled the whole space together.

We love our clients, it was pleasure working on this project. And a great opportunity for experience, being one of our first jobs. We loved the challenge of making one room a multi-purpose space.

If you feel inspired to update your home decor, shoot us a message! We want to help you out!

Thanks for hanging out friends,


Photo Grid Foyer


This was our second completed job way back in October!!

Our super stylish client and her family recently moved into a new home. Moving can be a great fresh start in decorating, and make you long for a new look but it can also feel very overwhelming.

We started with the foyer, this is an important area as it’s the first impression as you welcome guests but also important to welcome you and your family home at the end of the day, and what better way to do that than a photo grid full of special family moments.

You want it to feel relaxed as well as pretty. This entry definitely does that with the comfy bench which also adds storage. The client already had some great style in her home with some industrial elements but also a touch of glam so we tried to pair those here with the silver frames in the photo grid and the the cute little hairpin leg table that also adds function as a place she can set her purse and keys.

Here in our our before picture you can see It’s a fresh, new space with so much potential. The walls are a beautiful gray, making the options for an accent color nearly endless!


We took measurements, and photos then collaborated with the clients and came up with a plan before creating this E-Design.

This classic gallery wall will greet you as you walk into this home, telling a story, making it the perfect statement for a foyer. We added a subtle turquoise color with throw pillows to start, which would be easily changed with the seasons and holidays.

Our vision was really coming to life in this step, it’s such a rewarding feeling. The photos reflect perfectly how sweet this family is!

It’s such an amazing thing when the client loves their space at the end of a project. We got to help make this house their home. We’re looking forward to working with this client in the future!

We’re so excited about turning what we love to do into a career! Everyone should get to live in a space that feels like home, inspires them, and helps them live their best life!! We want that for you, and we’d love to help you get there, no matter what your style and budget.