Our Tiny House

Hey girl hey, 

We're here to share something really fun with you, I have loved the idea of tiny living for a long time.  I'm not sure what it is about it; the simplicity, the minimalism, the idea that everything must be in it's place, or the innovative ways of storing all the things.

But I never imagined owning or living in one, after all with four kids it wouldn't exactly work. But last year when my oldest daughter was planning to get married and needed somewhere to live. We came up with the idea to turn our little shop into a tiny living space.

This is the story of our tiny house...

We basically had a square building of about 500 square feet, with a little corner where our well pump is. and we needed a layout. Now, I love to plan a space but to include what is needed for an entire house, into 500 sq ft, is a little daunting.  I found a pretty simple app called Home Design, we got all the measurements and basically started from scratch. We figured out the best placement of the kitchen and bathroom. Then added in the walls, and put everything else where it made the most sense. In the app you can add cabinets, furniture, rugs even house plants. So even as they were picking out furniture, we could make sure it would fit.

This was the final plan














Welcome to our tiny home...


Now that we had the plan, we began with the kitchen. So as the guys were framing, plumbing and doing electrical, we were making trips to Ikea to plan the layout for the kitchen, then bathroom, laundry and closet. We designed all these spaces on the Ikea planning website, which was super helpful. As was the kitchen department at the Portand store. That being said, Ikea is a little more work than going though, say, a cabinet company or Home Depot. But we were on a budget and you can't beat the price. Although I wasn't the one that had to put it together... Yep, that's our kitchen in a box. 

 look how happy they were before putting the kitchen in a box together. 

look how happy they were before putting the kitchen in a box together. 

We decided on open shelving along the biggest wall in the kitchen to keep it as open as we could. For such a tiny space, there ended up being pretty ample storage in the kitchen. Guys, If you haven't seen a kitchen with all lower cabinets as drawers, I'm here to tell you, it's incredible. No sitting on the floor of the kitchen, trying to reach to the back of a cabinet. Am I right?

Can we talk about that island though? We weren't sure what to use as the countertop. I loved the idea of butcher block but we would have needed a pretty large piece and it was more than we wanted to spend. So I mentioned it to my dad, who is super inventive when it comes to that sort of thing. He found some salvaged wood and fixed us up. I am completely in love with it.

All the appliances except the oven are from Ikea. The fridge is an apartment size and the kitchen sink is pretty small.  We found the laminate flooring that covered most of the space, except the bathroom, from a flooring outlet on craigslist.

This bedroom! We did two smaller windows on each side of the room, which then, gives you the opportunity to add a cool decor piece, like these antlers above the bed. With the size of the bedroom, the mechanical closet was hard to work around in the beginning, but became a space to store things like holiday decor and luggage, making it super useful. We knew we wanted to add a cool light fixture to this project, we found this bohemian style chandelier on Overstock.com for a great deal. How good does it look with that anthropolgy duvet?


Side Note: This mid century bedroom set was a Craigslist score, we added the charcoal paint and distressing.

The bathroom tile from Overstock is one of my favorite statements in the house, a cool pattern is a great way to add character to a space. We were able to have a bathtub/shower combo by making the laundry room slightly smaller. 

We have some pretty great friends in the construction and housing industry. We were given a toilet, a dishwasher, the heating and air conditioning unit, and a hot water heater. We were on a time crunch and some awesome people stepped up to help us out.


The laundry room may be small, but the organization here makes it a really useful space. We designed the shelving system in here and in the master closet with the help of an ikea professional. This wall hanger from The Container Store works for storing brooms, mops, and even the ironing board is hanging. 

IMG_0056 2.JPG

Do you love it?? Do you want to live the minimalistic life? Do you love the style and decor happening here and at the cottage, and want to include it into your home? We may be able to help you out with that, stay tuned,

Thanks for reading, friends!


My Trip to Waco, as a decor shop owner...


I recently made the trip to Waco Texas with my hubby as a short getaway. We both watch the show Fixer Upper and while decorating is my thing, he appreciates that I love it, so we decided on Waco and San Antonio, and I'm so glad we did. 

This post is mostly going to be about the pictures, I took close to 1 million I think. We spent two days in Waco, and I did a lot of shopping, not only at the Magnolia Market, but also some other unique shops around Waco. 


Our first stop was the restaurant, the Magnolia Table and it was fabulous, classic and beautiful.

You can see that before even entering. The classic black and white with accents of light wood. The show stopper though has to be the greenery, the plants, trees and overflowing window boxes. not only were there Magnolia trees everywhere but also olive trees which I love. The theme was definitely green, not alot of flowers or color and the result was perfect. The pergola with the black iron grid and climbing vines, the wood shutters and concrete benches and string lights of course all looked amazing. I just love attention to detail and you can see it everywhere, I mean that boxwood lattice wall, I need that somewhere in my life.

The inside is just as amazing with the same color scheme, but I fell in love with the light leather of the chairs, benches, and accents.

There is also touches of matte gold details you can see in accents on the tables and in some of the lighting.

It definitely has a diner feel, but modern with some farmhouse thrown in if that makes sense.  Theres miles of subway tile of course but its really the backdrop to all the fabulous finishes.  Theres black iron everywhere, from the words on the walls, to the hairpin legs on those leather chairs, and some of the lighting. Oh can we talk light fixtures? I for sure have a thing for great light fixtures. This is where you can see the diner style influences, but the light fixtures throughout the Magnolia compound was serious decor eye candy. The mosaic floor tile with the wording was awesome.

There was at least a couple old signs which is another thing I love about the decorating style at Magnolia, the newness and perfection everywhere and then add an old antique element like the diner sign...Yes.

Letter boards are a favorite decor item of mine that we just happen to carry at the Cottage.

Oh ya the food was good too. but lets be honest thats not the reason I visited.

Now on to the Market at the Silos. The grounds are filled with the same attention to detail, the black and white color scheme with lush greenery everywhere, including that fabulous old truck. The lawn with corn hole and striped bean bag chairs for the kiddos, the matching striped umbrellas over the picnic tables all in a row just makes your eyes happy.

Again all the newness and perfection with the patina of the old rusted silos is the perfect juxtaposition. That is one of my favorite decor tips, perfectly paired old and new.

Inside I really tried to take in all the finishes, fixtures, and backgrounds in which they used to display all the goodness for sale. For instance the area set up like an actual kitchen complete with both concrete and marble countertops (there's that juxtaposition again), farm sink, vent hood, open shelving, all that subway tile, and giant chunky farm table complete with place settings.

Move to the other side of the Market and they have all these faux mantals all along one wall. It's almost too much for my decor loving eyes, each uniquely displayed. It's completely fabulous, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. 

More lattice greenery and all the awesome light fixtures. 

On to downstairs, check out that finished concrete floor with the typography as you enter the mens section or "Chip's Corner". More appropriately the "wives shopping for husbands section" but pretty fabulous in it's own right. Love those "Demo Day" marquee letters.

Also downstairs were these display shiplap walls with all the wall merchandise, Jimmy Dons metal signs, huge fabulous clocks, wooden signs, and check out those leather pouches on that last wall with the chalkboards, I'm not sure what draws me to those but I think they are super cool and unique.

There's a building frame right in the middle with hanging baskets and string lights with shelves filled with all the awesome merchandise. and miles of faux florals.  

there's also lots of old display pieces including the repurposed check out counters. 

Yes I did notice there are things for sale too, I'll let you in on the biggest trends I noticed in a moment.  

Back outside we enjoyed the food trucks and the famous blended watermelon on our way to the Silos Baking Co. to grab some cupcakes. It feels a little like stepping back in time with the subway tile again, frosted glass on the labeled wooden doors. details like those old time aprons on vintage wire hooks, the black iron cupcake label holders to the hanging "pick up" sign, those brick walls and more antique signage. We enjoyed our cupcakes(Ok I enjoyed a cupcake, hubby's not so much into cupcakes, crazy right) under black umbrellas next to that fabulous photo op "Welcome to the Magnolia silos" sign. 

Next was my favorite part...the gardens, I could go on and on about those gardens, I was in love with the perfection of it all, but I'll let the photos speak for themselves. the potting shed was so super cool from the hanging lavender, to the galvanized awnings, to that fabulous brick floor. The pergola, and the twig teepee with the little toadstools, I completely can't stand it, I'm so inspired. 

We also made the trip to the Magnolia House, again so classic in all it's own perfection with that iron fence, the lampposts and magnolia trees everywhere. 

I made my own little trip around Waco while my hubby napped, I drove by a couple of the fixer uppers, but felt a little weird taking pictures. I also made the trip to Harp Design, It's small but super cute. I actually spied a few things we carry at The Cottage, those chunky candlesticks, wood rounds and the little risers on hairpin legs. 

I stopped at a couple little shops along the way, one with tons of super cute light fixtures, I told you I had a thing for those.

The Findery which is right around the corner from Magnolia. Take a moment to read their mission statement written on the chalkboard, I just love that. 

So some of the trends I notices in almost all these great shops were, lots of natural wood accessories like huge wooden cutting boards, wooden pedestals, and natural wood candlesticks. Chippy corbels. large glass jars filled with faux florals, which was probably the most noticeable design trend all the faux florals overflowing in every corner of these shops. Metal letters are still big, lots of quoted tea towels, actually quoted everything, words are still a big trend right now, and of course all the fabulous lighting. 

So theres my take of all the decor at the Magnolia compound. We had a great time in Waco, but I can't end without giving a giant shout out for my awesome husband for having patience with me and letting my love for home and decor be a part of our little getaway.   


                                                                Thanks so much for stopping' by





The Story of Our "Cottage Girls Collection"


We began talking about a subscription type box months ago, as we started exploring ways to expand our business and try new things.  At first mention I was in love with this idea.  I have always loved putting together a great gift basket. First coming up with a theme, seeking out unique items and details that all go with that theme, finally packaging it beautifully.  Pair that with home decor and I'm in.


We are passionate about home here at the Cottage.  We truly enjoy making our own houses into homes through decor, design, and styling. We get together each week at the Cottage to rearrange, stage and restyle. One of our favorite things to hear our customers say is how they feel inspired by just being here. Another thing we often hear is plea's for us to come to your houses and inject some of what they feel into their own homes. While we are really humbled by hearing these statements, we aren't to the point of of coming in to y'alls home and redecorating, however it would make my heart so happy if I could give you all the same warm, inspiring atmosphere you enjoy here at the Cottage in your homes. Thats what I'd love for this collection to accomplish by giving you 4-6 items that we have selected with the same feel as what we have here at the Cottage, delivered to your door.  Items that will add warmth, style, and enhance your home. We believe you should love every item in your home. and so the idea of a home decor collection box was born.  


What if you could have beautiful home decor items delivered to your door, and end up with an inspired, warm home, with unique touches? this is the dream of ours!! The dream is a journey for sure, but I believe we've taken the first step. Our May box is a selection of carefully curated items chosen from our favorite sources. We absolutely love supporting local makers and small businesses, so this is a really important element we want to add to each box. We also love to craft ourselves so there is sure to be at least one item handcrafted by us. there will be about 6 items for you and your home. 


It took some work to get to this point and we couldn't be more excited right now. We jumped out of our comfort zone and learned about selling online, and shipping. We researched boxes, and packing material, we designed a label, and had fun coming up with a name for our box because if we understand anything its that it's all about the details. Most importantly though we searched for items to go inside the box with you in mind. In this collection we had one of our favorite local businesses design something specifically for this box. We added all the materials we feel add to a really well put together space, like the warmth of wood, cleanness of ceramic, softness of fabric, a natural element, and more. I wouldn't want to give away all the secrets. 


At this point we don't have for sure plans for future boxes, but the ideas are definitely in the works. Actually the ideas are literally endless. going forward we would love to begin offering a seasonal box, four times a year. It gives me butterflies to think about putting together a fall box. Ok I know not everyone gets as excited about home decor as we do here at the Cottage but I do know most people want a comfortable, warm, inviting space for themselves and their families, and that is the very idea of this box. Let us do the work for you, let us do the shopping for you , let us scour our community and sources for the perfect pieces that will make your house into a home. 



Welcome!  to our newly renovated website.  This has been a long time coming and we are super excited about it!

 It's a little more sophisticated, okay a lot more, but most of all our customers can see all our current inventory all in one place.  Are you looking for a dresser?  just put it in the search button.  want to see what we have in gifts?  they are all in one place. 

Get inspired by each of our room categories, and easily navigate to our social network sites  ~  facebook, instagram, and Pinterest.

We had help and guidance from a truly fabulous person, Jacqueline Villars of  @jvillars.com.  She swapped us over from our old site to this much more streamlined and user friendly version.   It will be much easier for us add our newest pieces and quickly delete what's sold.  No more "sorry that piece is sold" (when you find something you can't live without)  

Jacqueline also came over and took all our header pics.  This was super fun!  we set up and staged an area for each category.  the pictures you see at the top of each page is a staged room or area of my mom's (Faye's) house.  I think they turned out fabulous!

  Then we spent days and days taking pictures, editing, making description of everything currently at the Cottage.   everything you see you can come and purchase at the Cottage.  I can't guarantee it will be 100% up to date at all times, but it will, for sure, be better!   We are all able to add and delete quickly to keep it current.  We will also add any events and happenings like sales and specials.

So please take a look around, be inspired, spread the word, and we can't wait to see you at the Cottage.