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what we offer…

Our decor and styling services range from simple restyling using furniture and accessories you already own, to complete redecorating, top to bottom. Including furniture purchases, installing and accessorizing an entire space. We can style your walls, front porch, or add some seasonal decor.

We believe interior decorating services should be accessible to everyone and we pride ourselves in keeping our fees reasonable and affordable. 

If you’ve been dreaming about getting help with your space, we would love to chat with you about your ideas and how we can help achieve your decorating goals.

What to expect…

In our initial consultation we will discuss the desired outcome of your project and get a feel for your decorating style.

We will create a personalized mood board to serve as the initial inspiration for each of the spaces of your project. Then come up with an estimate. 

Our number one goal is for you to love your home. So from that point we will collaborate with you and come up with all the decor selections. From color, furniture, walls, treatments, bedding, and accessories. We will pull together all of the items you need to create your perfect space. 

We offer in home decor and styling services to clients in Oregon City and surrounding areas. 

about us…

You may wonder about our credentials in this field. Like, do we have a degree in interior decorating? Well, the answer would be no. Schooling on the topic? Umm not much. Do we have experience? Unless you’d consider living in and decorating from top to bottom 6 homes, including planning an entire tiny house between us. Or staging and styling countless displays in our business at the Cottage. And helping many friends and family with their own homes? Well then no, no official experience until now, that is. 

What I would like to tell you about us is… We are truly passionate about this subject. I personally obsess over it. It’s what I do in my free time, and lets face it, none of us have free time. Yet I seem to find time to learn and study about this subject. I have watched HGTV since the day I was married. I have poured over magazine after magazine wayy before Pinterest was around. Growing up I loved redecorating my room and helping my mom with our home. 

But possibly the most important qualification I can give you… I care about your home. I may not even know you, but I care. I care because I believe home is that important, possibly the most important thing there is. I seriously want everyone to love their space no matter what or where, if you own or rent, live in a basement, a bedroom, a trailer, a tent or tiny house. I truly want you to love coming home from a long day, just from dropping kids off, a rough day, a date night or it’s your first day living there. It should welcome you. It should rise up and welcome your kids, your husband, your friends and family. You should feel at peace like it’s your sanctuary. And trust me when I say, when you make it a priority your family will feel it. From your two year old, to your teen, to your husband. They may not say it, in fact they probably won’t, but if you make it a priority they will feel it

So no matter your style or budget, we want to make it work. We want to make it exactly what you want, and what you want it to feel like.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in just shoot us an email at or use the form below.

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